Tepid wolf salad with pourpier


Preparation: Make raise the nets of wolf, as well as skin, by your fishmonger, retail then in 6 equal portions. Make cook them in a dish in the oven to 200 degrees about, during 5 to 8 minutes, with 5 cl of olive oil salt and pepper. Cut the courgettes in sections of 5-cm long, cut them fine blades of 2 mm of thickness, with the help of a mandolin , then of it. Make 48 blades of it. Put them to cook to water while salting since boiling point. Verify that they are crunchy, cool them then in the very cold water with ice cubes. Drain. Reserve on a plate. Peel the pourpier while taking the leaves solely that you wash and drain. Cut the tomatoes in small dice of 1 cm, after having peeled them and cored. Cut the black olives in tr