As a raviole of ceps and foie gras and asparagus


Prepare and clean the ceps, before carving them in small gills. Clean then cut the asparagus, while keeping the tips of a 2 cm length for the decoration. Brown the ceps in the frying pan, with the remaining of the asparagus. Peel the onions, shred them, make them then compoter until obtaining of a brunette coloration. Fry the ceps. Cut the foie gras in ten pieces. Installation of the raviole: Spread the dough as finely as possible. Cut, with the help of a punch, of the circles of 10 cm of diameter. Arrange on every circle, a spoon to soup of the mixture ceps, let s anoint and asparagus. Put the piece of foie gras previously seasoned over. Draw the contour with a brush and the egg yolk. Fold the dough, in order to form a crescent moon. Sauce of alba: Put in a pan her cream-colored