Tomatoes filled with Frog Legs


Tomatoes filled with Frog Legs-Recipe:Tomatoes filled with Frog Legs
  1. This recipe requires skewers, frogs and thickened cream, which has the advantage of being only a little bitter, less acid than other creams, and its cooking is faster.
  2. Cook the garlic gloves in a mixture of milk and cream, blended each with the same proportions. Let it cook for 60-90 minutes. Once the cloves are moist and soft, take off the skin and put it in the cutter. Sift it in a sieve in order to obtain an exquisite and fine garlic puree.
  3. Parallel to this, prepare the bouillon with the entire frogs, letting brew the whole in its juice. Take the frogs off the skewer and cut them.
  4. Parallel to the preparation of the frogs, to which you add the garlic puree, prepare the tomatoes. Before peeling the tomatoes, you have to hull them by taking off the peduncle, that is: the green part of the tomato. Then, make a cross.
  5. As soon as the oil is hot, add the entire spinaches. Watch out: The cooking is very fast.
  6. Put some pepper and salt into it. Put the spinaches on the dish aside. Start the cooking of the frogs in the same pot as the spinaches. On full flame, put the shellfish bouillon to the frogs, adding more frogs. The cooking ends after about 2 to 3 minutes. Then, clean and prepare the frogs.
  7. Put a good spoon of cream in the small saucepan.
  8. Add again the frogs in the sauce to lukewarm them lightly again, without cooking too much.
  9. Take the tomato, which is very hot, and put a small spoon of reheated garlic puree inside. Then, put the cooked spinaches into the frogs.
  10. Place some frogs as decoration above the others and around them. Add the minced chive and some rosemary into the sauce for decoration.