Stewof snails to tobaccoof herbs of the Luberon


Use 60 gray small snails having fasted during 3 days. Wash them to clear water. Put to cook to slightly salty water during 1/2 hour. Cool, take then the snails out of their shell. Wash again and hand to cook in a court-bouillon during 3 hours. For sauce, start with peeling and to chop garlic. Wash, thin out and chop all herbs. Make heat butter in a pan, until it is frothy, add garlic chopped. Let sweat without coloration, add the herbs and let sweat again. Thaw to the white wine. Add the juice of cooking of the snails and milk. Season with the powder of poultry, salt, sugar, vinegar and the garnished bouquet. Carry to boiling point, cover, withdraw fire then and let infuse during 20 min.. Mix then filter sauce to thin Chinese. Rectify flavors and keep to the chau