Since the sweet island of dear Brione in the heart of Tito, leave to the discovery of Istrie, a region of Croatia in the uncountable islands, in the coast decorated with colored city, to the small alleys which wind, at the houses of fair stone, at the small chapels and the beautiful churches, then the medieval villages perched by the inside surrounded with forest where hides a treasure: the white truffle said about Alba, the rarest and the dearest. It is moreover in these hills where we have to meet Névio and his mom in their romantic restaurant of 10 place settings which delivers us the recipe of its carpaccio to the white fresh truffle and the roquette salad of the garden or the other dough in truffles completely unforgettable. By the sea, it is the fishing which makes the menus of Nino as these delicious St Jacques in the campfire or these fishes cooked under bell in the fireplace.