Carre d'agneau Terre depices


Carre d'agneau Terre depices, How-To: The day before cooking, peel the celery and put them in the robot. It has to look a bit like hard wheat semolina. Let them dry in a plate the whole night. Prepare the vegetables that will be cooked in a saucepan. Boil the shallots in oil... After the cooking, let the carre dagneau rest for a few minutes at a convenient, ambient temperature. Put the cooking plate of the carre dagneau on a full flame and deice it with a ladle of the vegetable cooking stock. Present the serving dish by taking some celery, lightly seasoned, a composition of vegetables and potatoes, and finally, the carre dagneau. Recover the cooking gravy from the meat and put it in a tin-plate. Pour sufficient sauce on the dish. Bon appetit!